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Entaco nv is the Belgium based manufacturer of Nerta Car and Truck Cleaning Products.



Entaco plc was established in 1971 and initially produced domestic cleaning agents. In 1975, the company implemented a diversification to industrial cleaning agents and more specifically, products for Car & Truck Wash. Under the brand NERTA, Entaco plc brings a wide range of industrial products on the market, such as a complete selection of products to be used in carwash machines for cars and selfcarwash. In this sector, NERTA soon became market leader in Belgium, where it has had a market share of about 80 % since the late eighties

Since 1/1/2000, Entaco plc has its seat in a new ultramodern factory of 5.600 m2 on a territory of 10.000 m2. The new premises are equiped with a fully computerized production system having a capacity of 50 tons a day, a tank-park of 400 tons for raw materials and a storage capacity for about 1.200 pallets. Furthermore, there is also storage capacity for packaging etc…